Easy Time-Saving Tips for Horse Grooming

In a different life, we would be able to spend all our time with our horses, but sadly this isn’t the case. While every minute is important, there are a few things you can do to be more efficient while grooming your horse. With the time you save, you will enjoy other activities with your animal.

Use both hands for horse grooming. 

While this seems obvious, pay attention to just how much you do with only one of your hands at the barn. Start to incorporate both your hands into the routine to save time. For example, you can brush with one hand while the other is doing a tick inspection. At first, it may feel weird or unusual, but you will start to develop some coordination. Once you have gotten used to this technique, you will start to build strength in the less dominant side and cut the grooming process by half.  

Make sure your horse grooming kit is clean. 

If you develop a habit of washing your horse grooming brushes regularly, everything stays cleaner. The same applies to fly sheets and blankets. Keep all your tools as clean as possible so your grooming time will be much shorter!

Use a horse vacuum. 

To get rid of dirt, loose hairs, and dander, you can use a horse vacuum. After grooming with two hands, using the vacuum will make the rest of the process go by quickly. You may still have to brush some hair and dirt on the horse’s legs and face, but this tool will take care of the body. This vacuum will be especially helpful during the wintertime when your horse develops a thick winter coat! 

Get more organized. 

You surely spend hours each day looking for things like your phone and glasses. But, this shouldn’t happen on the farm. Keep your horse grooming kit organized after each use, so the actual process takes less time. All the items you use daily should be stored together, while seasonal tools can be kept somewhere else. Taking the time to return everything to its rightful place after every groom means you can start the grooming right away later instead of searching for tools. 

Being organized in your grooming routine is also crucial. Having a set order of steps will speed things along when you get started. Add the most essentials such as brushes, gloves, and stain remover to a horse grooming bag for easy access every time. Remember to keep your tools clean as well.  

Groom everyday

When it comes to saving time while grooming, the method is to do it every single day. This usually means after a ride or a particularly dirty training session. The more you groom, the more natural oils will be produced, and the stains will slide off your horse. This means you will have to waste less time removing stains next time. Attend to your horse daily, brush and clean it, so you won’t be stuck with a big chore at the end of a week. 

Taking care of your horse doesn’t have to be a hassle. Just follow these simple grooming steps so you can enjoy more time with your horse!

Uses of Washcloths for Horse Grooming

There are a few things that are essential in a horse grooming kit, and one of these is a washcloth. These are convenient, easy-to-use, and you can always have multiple at hand. Here are multiple common uses of washcloths at the barn.  

Cleaning tack. 

A damp washcloth can be used to wipe down anything, including horse tack. This will help remove any hair, and surface dirt equipment. You can also use the cloth to shine up stirrups, belt buckles, bits, and everything else. Using a paste or thick soap can cover up the dirt instead of removing it, so a washcloth is a better alternative. 

Washing faces. 

With a washcloth, you can wipe the nose and lips of your horse. Any boogers or slobber will easily be removed. You should wipe the nostrils and lips of your horse every day, so it always looks and feels nice! After wiping, you will also have a smooth surface to put on sunscreen and check for scrapes or bumps. With a clean face, it will be easy to see any sores or scrapes on the horse. 

 A washcloth is also great for actually washing the horse’s face, instead of spraying them with water. With a cloth, you can be extra specific with what part of the face you are washing. Wrap this cloth around a finger or two to do some targeted cleaning of any stubborn spots. 

Cleaning around the barn.

A washcloth is not only great for your horse, but also for you. Shelves, lockers, trunks can all be easily cleaned with this cloth. You can set up three buckets for fresh water, cleaner and rinsing. Then just use a few washcloths to keep your barn looking nice and shiny. 

Horse tack trunks tend to get super dusty every few days. If this is a problem you relate to, then you can just use a washcloth to wipe off any dirt to keep everything tidy.

Muck tubs can be delicate, and some materials in it can be damaged by abrasive sponges or brushes. Instead, use a washcloth to clean the tubs and buckets you have for your horse to prevent scratches. 

Drying the horse’s lower legs. 

After a competition, a shower, or just a run through a stream, you must dry your horse’s legs. This will help prevent any scratches and other dermatitis problems. A washcloth can be handy to keep around for any quick drying. 

Hot toweling the horse in the winter. 

Using a washcloth is a good way to “steam clean” your horse in the winter. The size of these cloths makes this very easy. Just use a cloth in clean water and then place it in the rinse bucket when it becomes dirty. You can do this whenever you are cleaning around the barn to finish two things at once. 

As you can see, washcloths are very convenient, and best of all, they come in all colors and textures. They are super easy to find and don’t take up a lot of space, so get cleaning! 

My favourite bloggers

Fallon Taylor, she was the world champion professional barrel racer in 2014, the reason I love going through Fallon Taylor’s blog post is that she is so motivational. She is just down-to-earth, she tells it like she’s still scared too, falls off horses, makes mistakes, she is not perfect which is refreshing motivative to beginners, and I just really like her attitude, she is funny. I wish I had as much confidence as she does.

Sigma of the horse; Sigma is incredible, she is a new blogger, but she brings so much enthusiasm, and she is wow, she has a hundred and nineteen posts, I love her attitude and her personality and at the top of her blog page, it says “release your inner Viking” that is just so cool so Sigma of the horse is one of the incredible equestrian bloggers I follow. 

Another equestrian blogger that has so much information and knowledge and I love her blogs, is Laura Kellan Mae. I just love going through her blog and learning from her. What is fun about her blog is she gives you an insight from what the judge is looking for and talks about equitation talks about jumping talks about all kinds of stuff related to horses. 

Your Riding success: and the lady that brings up your riding success, her name is Tosh. She is a Grand Prix level dressage rider and she has over 600 videos sharing different tips and tricks of how we can be better riders. Variety of exercises we can do and how to be more confident in our Riding and her blogs are very educational, very positive and, it is just really fun to read some of her blog posts, there is a lot you can learn from her blog posts.

Invention: because they have incredible information, they’re very helpful very informational and there’s one that I go back to over and over again and that’s where DOM rides his horse and he sets up a gymnastic. 

Life and again blogger: haven’t uploaded any new thing for a long time now, I think their most recent thing was 5 years ago but they have over 500 posts and a lot of the information is still pertinent, it’s still relevant and gives you something to read about.

Dressage hub blogger: this is a really fun educational blog that I’m sure you guessed it has a focus on dressage.

Nichole equestrian blogger: I’m pretty sure you guys have seen her, she’s cool, she’s probably a teenager, but she’s clean, she’s just real and it’s fun to read her blogs.

D-U horseman blogger: what that “D-U” mean is Down Under horsemanship, I do like Clinton Anderson, I’ve learned a lot from his method and how he works with horses, I do incorporate some of the things that I’ve learned from him into training my horses and this made a big change in my life.

Horse Network blogger: horse network has tons of information they have some entertainment videos to watch, but again they have a lot of relevant information.

My typical day at the yard

Alright, I wake up at 5 am, I take my cup of tea and jump onto a bus and I will be at the yard by 6 am, feeding the horses breakfast. Usually, during this time, I would make my hay nets, change into my yard boots and then once everyone’s finished eating, by then horses bed is all done So now we’re going to groom and then tack up and ride them, It’s really cold where I live, so I don’t take the horse’s rug completely off when I’m grooming them. I’m doing half of their body with the rug folded back and then doing the other half with the rug folded forward.

horse grooming

When I groom, I use a plastic curry comb and I follow up with a dandy brush, I use the plastic curry comb to remove any stubborn mud and then I follow up with the dandy brush on any sensitive areas such as underneath where the girth goes or on their faces because it’s a bit softer and it gets rid of the extra dust. I avoid body brushes because the horses spend a lot of their time out in the field, body brushes can remove the natural oils in a horse’s coat so I try to use them sparingly, and then I finish up by picking out their feet before tacking them up. But, when I’m grooming, I’m looking particularly around where the tack is going, so behind the ears on their cheeks, underneath the girth, and between their legs, all those places. If there is dirt there, that’s where it will rub under the tack so that’s the areas I’m looking at.

So, when grooming is done, I tack them up and ready to go. We head down to the field and do some flatwork, So because I ride so early and everything is on such a tight schedule, I like to know what I’m looking for in the field, what my session will look like so that I know when I can stop. And this is the best part of my day.

Well, we’ve been practising gaits every single time we’ve been in the field. Afterwards I loosen their girth there in the field just to make him the most comfortable after riding and then I obviously remove the saddles and finally his bridles. Because it is cold, I don’t want them standing naked for very long. Once I’ve popped their rug on and made sure that they are warm, I’ll pop their tack back in the tack room and then I’ll change my boots. So I’ll change out of my riding boots and into my yard boots before I turn them out in the field.

After the training session, I allow them to graze while I head home, shower and set to go for work. From work, I go back to the yard and lead the horses back to the stables, wash their water bucket and then serve them dinner, this is my worst part of the day because I get tired from work and still have to attend to my horses. After that then I go back home, shower and then have dinner with my family.

Why Arabian is my favourite horse breed

I started riding horses when I was 24 years old, I love riding horses, I have ridden different breeds of horses. I enjoy riding all the horse breeds, but my favourite breed is the Arabian horse, it was love at first sight. I was 28 years old when I first rode an Arabian horse, that was when I and my family went for a vacation, it was on a Christmas holiday.
Riding a horse is an everyday routine for me, so I decided to visit the park to ride a horse. I was given this Arabian horse breed. I hopped on the horse, and I observed that I had a perfect balance and the saddle was symmetric, I loved it! What a balance! It was wow!

Took a short ride and to my surprise, it was a new experience, somethings felt different about the horse I decided to test the speed. The horse was fast and strong, that was the fastest I have ever ridden. I spend the whole vacation period ridding the Arabian breed, and I learned a lot about them.

After the vacation, I got myself an Arabian breed and surprisingly there is more about this breed. I have 3 different breeds, but the Arabian breed was my favourite.
The horse was beautiful, loving, gentle, intelligent, loyal, and smaller in Size compared to the other breeds. The horse became more like a companion, very responsive, smooth to ride, and easy to control. I enjoy riding this horse, riding became more fun.

The horse was passionate and understands my feelings, he would know if I am sad, or down. He could help with some work without being told to, he could help you stand up when you fall.
I also got to learn from friends and equestrian Olympic competitors that Arabian horses are naturally Loving, passionate, gentle, intelligent, and responsive.

It’s a different feeling when it comes to ridding the Arabian breed. the speed, the strength, the loving and caring nature of this breed is just amazing.
These amazing qualities make the Arabian horse breed to be my favourite breed.

Horsey blast from the past

This was a picture I took 4 years back, the day I went to visit my friend Katie, it was on a Saturday evening, but then I decided to go with my horse. I reached and we decided to go for a countryside walk along with her little brother, he had a pony while hers is was a fully grown horse just like mine.

She took her horse and we left alongside her little brother with his pony. We visited a lot of new places and took several pictures. We met new people in the countryside and made a lot of friends. It was a great day. We snapped tons of pictures with a lot of people.

We met people who have never ridden a horse before, so of them were scared of trying out, while some were eager to ride a horse for the first time. How amazing it was meeting such people.
We spend time in the countryside with new people, teaching them how to ride a horse, they all were very happy because it was their first time. Some learned very fast, while some failed to learn because they were scared, while some were so scared and couldn’t give it a try. I taught 4 people how to ride a horse that day, and they were all happy. Some of them were surprised they were able to ride a horse for the first time. Some of them said riding a horse is one of their biggest dreams.

We had a lot of fun there, we played some games with our new friends, ate food, and we even had to do a horse racing competition there, between me, Katie, and her brother. We had 3 rounds of race Katie came first, I came second and her brother came third. Then we decided to switch horses and go again, Katie mine, I rode Katie’s brother’s pony while he rode Katie’s horse. This time Katie came first again, her brother came second while I came last. Again, we switched horse and took the last race, this time around, I rode Katie’s horse and Katie her brother’s pony while he took mine. This time around I came first, Katie came second and her brother came last.

After all the fun, we thanked our new friends for welcoming us around and we left for home. Katie and her brother escorted me home before they headed back to their place.
And this picture was the one Katie snapped me when I came first on the last race. It was a memorable day, it was a day well spent.