Horsey blast from the past

This was a picture I took 4 years back, the day I went to visit my friend Katie, it was on a Saturday evening, but then I decided to go with my horse. I reached and we decided to go for a countryside walk along with her little brother, he had a pony while hers is was a fully grown horse just like mine.

She took her horse and we left alongside her little brother with his pony. We visited a lot of new places and took several pictures. We met new people in the countryside and made a lot of friends. It was a great day. We snapped tons of pictures with a lot of people.

We met people who have never ridden a horse before, so of them were scared of trying out, while some were eager to ride a horse for the first time. How amazing it was meeting such people.
We spend time in the countryside with new people, teaching them how to ride a horse, they all were very happy because it was their first time. Some learned very fast, while some failed to learn because they were scared, while some were so scared and couldn’t give it a try. I taught 4 people how to ride a horse that day, and they were all happy. Some of them were surprised they were able to ride a horse for the first time. Some of them said riding a horse is one of their biggest dreams.

We had a lot of fun there, we played some games with our new friends, ate food, and we even had to do a horse racing competition there, between me, Katie, and her brother. We had 3 rounds of race Katie came first, I came second and her brother came third. Then we decided to switch horses and go again, Katie mine, I rode Katie’s brother’s pony while he rode Katie’s horse. This time Katie came first again, her brother came second while I came last. Again, we switched horse and took the last race, this time around, I rode Katie’s horse and Katie her brother’s pony while he took mine. This time around I came first, Katie came second and her brother came last.

After all the fun, we thanked our new friends for welcoming us around and we left for home. Katie and her brother escorted me home before they headed back to their place.
And this picture was the one Katie snapped me when I came first on the last race. It was a memorable day, it was a day well spent.

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