My favourite bloggers

Fallon Taylor, she was the world champion professional barrel racer in 2014, the reason I love going through Fallon Taylor’s blog post is that she is so motivational. She is just down-to-earth, she tells it like she’s still scared too, falls off horses, makes mistakes, she is not perfect which is refreshing motivative to beginners, and I just really like her attitude, she is funny. I wish I had as much confidence as she does.

Sigma of the horse; Sigma is incredible, she is a new blogger, but she brings so much enthusiasm, and she is wow, she has a hundred and nineteen posts, I love her attitude and her personality and at the top of her blog page, it says “release your inner Viking” that is just so cool so Sigma of the horse is one of the incredible equestrian bloggers I follow. 

Another equestrian blogger that has so much information and knowledge and I love her blogs, is Laura Kellan Mae. I just love going through her blog and learning from her. What is fun about her blog is she gives you an insight from what the judge is looking for and talks about equitation talks about jumping talks about all kinds of stuff related to horses. 

Your Riding success: and the lady that brings up your riding success, her name is Tosh. She is a Grand Prix level dressage rider and she has over 600 videos sharing different tips and tricks of how we can be better riders. Variety of exercises we can do and how to be more confident in our Riding and her blogs are very educational, very positive and, it is just really fun to read some of her blog posts, there is a lot you can learn from her blog posts.

Invention: because they have incredible information, they’re very helpful very informational and there’s one that I go back to over and over again and that’s where DOM rides his horse and he sets up a gymnastic. 

Life and again blogger: haven’t uploaded any new thing for a long time now, I think their most recent thing was 5 years ago but they have over 500 posts and a lot of the information is still pertinent, it’s still relevant and gives you something to read about.

Dressage hub blogger: this is a really fun educational blog that I’m sure you guessed it has a focus on dressage.

Nichole equestrian blogger: I’m pretty sure you guys have seen her, she’s cool, she’s probably a teenager, but she’s clean, she’s just real and it’s fun to read her blogs.

D-U horseman blogger: what that “D-U” mean is Down Under horsemanship, I do like Clinton Anderson, I’ve learned a lot from his method and how he works with horses, I do incorporate some of the things that I’ve learned from him into training my horses and this made a big change in my life.

Horse Network blogger: horse network has tons of information they have some entertainment videos to watch, but again they have a lot of relevant information.

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