My typical day at the yard

Alright, I wake up at 5 am, I take my cup of tea and jump onto a bus and I will be at the yard by 6 am, feeding the horses breakfast. Usually, during this time, I would make my hay nets, change into my yard boots and then once everyone’s finished eating, by then horses bed is all done So now we’re going to groom and then tack up and ride them, It’s really cold where I live, so I don’t take the horse’s rug completely off when I’m grooming them. I’m doing half of their body with the rug folded back and then doing the other half with the rug folded forward.

horse grooming

When I groom, I use a plastic curry comb and I follow up with a dandy brush, I use the plastic curry comb to remove any stubborn mud and then I follow up with the dandy brush on any sensitive areas such as underneath where the girth goes or on their faces because it’s a bit softer and it gets rid of the extra dust. I avoid body brushes because the horses spend a lot of their time out in the field, body brushes can remove the natural oils in a horse’s coat so I try to use them sparingly, and then I finish up by picking out their feet before tacking them up. But, when I’m grooming, I’m looking particularly around where the tack is going, so behind the ears on their cheeks, underneath the girth, and between their legs, all those places. If there is dirt there, that’s where it will rub under the tack so that’s the areas I’m looking at.

So, when grooming is done, I tack them up and ready to go. We head down to the field and do some flatwork, So because I ride so early and everything is on such a tight schedule, I like to know what I’m looking for in the field, what my session will look like so that I know when I can stop. And this is the best part of my day.

Well, we’ve been practising gaits every single time we’ve been in the field. Afterwards I loosen their girth there in the field just to make him the most comfortable after riding and then I obviously remove the saddles and finally his bridles. Because it is cold, I don’t want them standing naked for very long. Once I’ve popped their rug on and made sure that they are warm, I’ll pop their tack back in the tack room and then I’ll change my boots. So I’ll change out of my riding boots and into my yard boots before I turn them out in the field.

After the training session, I allow them to graze while I head home, shower and set to go for work. From work, I go back to the yard and lead the horses back to the stables, wash their water bucket and then serve them dinner, this is my worst part of the day because I get tired from work and still have to attend to my horses. After that then I go back home, shower and then have dinner with my family.

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