Why Arabian is my favourite horse breed

I started riding horses when I was 24 years old, I love riding horses, I have ridden different breeds of horses. I enjoy riding all the horse breeds, but my favourite breed is the Arabian horse, it was love at first sight. I was 28 years old when I first rode an Arabian horse, that was when I and my family went for a vacation, it was on a Christmas holiday.
Riding a horse is an everyday routine for me, so I decided to visit the park to ride a horse. I was given this Arabian horse breed. I hopped on the horse, and I observed that I had a perfect balance and the saddle was symmetric, I loved it! What a balance! It was wow!

Took a short ride and to my surprise, it was a new experience, somethings felt different about the horse I decided to test the speed. The horse was fast and strong, that was the fastest I have ever ridden. I spend the whole vacation period ridding the Arabian breed, and I learned a lot about them.

After the vacation, I got myself an Arabian breed and surprisingly there is more about this breed. I have 3 different breeds, but the Arabian breed was my favourite.
The horse was beautiful, loving, gentle, intelligent, loyal, and smaller in Size compared to the other breeds. The horse became more like a companion, very responsive, smooth to ride, and easy to control. I enjoy riding this horse, riding became more fun.

The horse was passionate and understands my feelings, he would know if I am sad, or down. He could help with some work without being told to, he could help you stand up when you fall.
I also got to learn from friends and equestrian Olympic competitors that Arabian horses are naturally Loving, passionate, gentle, intelligent, and responsive.

It’s a different feeling when it comes to ridding the Arabian breed. the speed, the strength, the loving and caring nature of this breed is just amazing.
These amazing qualities make the Arabian horse breed to be my favourite breed.