Easy Time-Saving Tips for Horse Grooming

In a different life, we would be able to spend all our time with our horses, but sadly this isn’t the case. While every minute is important, there are a few things you can do to be more efficient while grooming your horse. With the time you save, you will enjoy other activities with your animal.

Use both hands for horse grooming. 

While this seems obvious, pay attention to just how much you do with only one of your hands at the barn. Start to incorporate both your hands into the routine to save time. For example, you can brush with one hand while the other is doing a tick inspection. At first, it may feel weird or unusual, but you will start to develop some coordination. Once you have gotten used to this technique, you will start to build strength in the less dominant side and cut the grooming process by half.  

Make sure your horse grooming kit is clean. 

If you develop a habit of washing your horse grooming brushes regularly, everything stays cleaner. The same applies to fly sheets and blankets. Keep all your tools as clean as possible so your grooming time will be much shorter!

Use a horse vacuum. 

To get rid of dirt, loose hairs, and dander, you can use a horse vacuum. After grooming with two hands, using the vacuum will make the rest of the process go by quickly. You may still have to brush some hair and dirt on the horse’s legs and face, but this tool will take care of the body. This vacuum will be especially helpful during the wintertime when your horse develops a thick winter coat! 

Get more organized. 

You surely spend hours each day looking for things like your phone and glasses. But, this shouldn’t happen on the farm. Keep your horse grooming kit organized after each use, so the actual process takes less time. All the items you use daily should be stored together, while seasonal tools can be kept somewhere else. Taking the time to return everything to its rightful place after every groom means you can start the grooming right away later instead of searching for tools. 

Being organized in your grooming routine is also crucial. Having a set order of steps will speed things along when you get started. Add the most essentials such as brushes, gloves, and stain remover to a horse grooming bag for easy access every time. Remember to keep your tools clean as well.  

Groom everyday

When it comes to saving time while grooming, the method is to do it every single day. This usually means after a ride or a particularly dirty training session. The more you groom, the more natural oils will be produced, and the stains will slide off your horse. This means you will have to waste less time removing stains next time. Attend to your horse daily, brush and clean it, so you won’t be stuck with a big chore at the end of a week. 

Taking care of your horse doesn’t have to be a hassle. Just follow these simple grooming steps so you can enjoy more time with your horse!

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